Product Information


Assembly/Disassembly Instructions

Always wear gloves when assembling or disassembling your Compact Campfire. 

To assemble follow steps as per diagram.


Disassembly Instructions


  1. Place one half of the stainless steel case under your Compact Campfire.
  2. Using the multi tool insert into either end slot in the Campfire base.
  3. Twist and lift the multi tool upwards while holding down on the handle of end plate of the campfire.
  4. Empty ash onto tray and dispose of properly. NEVER BURY HOT ASHES
  5. Follow Reverse steps of assembly 

Safety Instructions

  1. Outdoor use only
  2. Ensure fire pit is always in the care of a responsible adult
  3. Ensure fire pit is secure and positioned on level ground
  4. Ensure fire pit is clear of any flammable items or liquids
  5. Do not move fire pit while in use
  6. Always have a sufficient supply of water available at all times in case of any emergency
  7. Keep children away from fire pits, lighters or matches
  8. Never leave fire pit unattended. Ensure fire pit has been extinguished before leaving it unattended.
  9. Take care when packing fire pit away as components may remain hot after fire is extinguished


Be aware of, and ensure that you comply with any fire restrictions that may be in place:

  • Total fire bans
  • National park restrictions
  • Camp ground restrictions
  • Local authority by-laws
  • Body corporate by-laws or lease restrictions

For further details please contact the relevant governing body.

Care Instructions

All mild steel Compact Campfire components come pre-treated with a protective layer of non toxic, rust preventive oil to limit corrosion. There are a few simple steps that you must take if you wish to preserve the original appearance of your Compact Campfire.

  • After each use, clean all components of the campfire thoroughly using warm soapy water and allow them to dry completely.
  • If a spot of rust appears, simply buff with a piece of steel wool or wire brush, wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Apply a thin layer of Compact Campfires Rust Preventive Oil to all surfaces.
  • Wipe down to remove any excess oil to provide a consistent finish over the area.

This process over time will season your Compact Campfire in a similar way you would season cast iron cookware and will ensure you have many years of service form your Compact Campfire portable firepit.


There is nothing like sitting by a fire pit with family and friends, however please keep in mind that without appropriate care and supervision they can be dangerous. Improper use of a fire pit can result in serious injury or worse. Compact Campfires and it's manufacturers, distributors and resellers hold no responsibility for injury as a result of improper use, irresponsible behavior and/or lack of supervision.